Diabetes Care for Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers: A Reassuring Guide - This book is essential for parents of young children with diabetes.


The Sun, the Rain, and the Insulin : Growing Up with Diabetes - An unusual diabetes education book that brings together the elements of this chronic disease and family interactions. The reader meets six families that are striving to meet the demands of diabetes in childhood. It is not a diabetes manual, but instead an easy read in a novel-like presentation. It should be read by not only families that are dealing with this disease daily, but by the extended families, the teachers, the family friends, and any who interact with these children. This book will raise the appreciation for their difficult struggle and does it in an emotional and unique way. It also is a valuable book for students and providers of healthcare such as medical social workers, psychologists, nurses, medical students, and primary care physicians.

The Ten Keys to Helping Your Child Grow Up With Diabetes: A Practical Guide for Parents & Caregivers - A problem-solving guide for parents and caregivers of children with diabetes, this psychosocial book helps them discover how to develop skills to cope with diabetes and stress; recognize the importance of open communication; interact with health care professionals; and more.


When a Child Has Diabetes - Comprehensive guide includes case histories, charts and diagrams, and tips on day-to-day living. Addresses what Type 1 diabetes is and how it is controlled, management, helping a young child deal with this condition, family issues, and complications.


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