Parenting Children with Special Needs



After the Tears: Parents Talk About Raising a Child With a Disability - In this deeply sensitive book, parents of disabled children describe with affecting candor how they first confronted their shattering experience--and then recovered to emerge stronger, healthier, and abler to cope and help their children. Black-and-white photographs.


Building the Healing Partnership does not observe or evaluate from a distance, but from the inside, with intimacy, understanding, and compassion. Although well versed in theory, (Leff and Walizer) do not try to adhere or fit parents' reactions into neat or artificial conceptual frameworks. Instead the book weaves together brief vignettes to help us experience the essence of caring, over time, for an ill child.


That's My Child: Strategies for Parents of Children With Disabilities - Here's a good, general resource for parents of children with disabilities. Lizanne Capper has suggestions and information about working with your child's needs in the schools, as well as forming a team with daycare workers and health care professionals. Information includes your child's educational rights.


Coping With Your Childs Chronic Illness - This brief but highly readable guide for parents with children coping with chronic illness is a must. Written in an informed style and with sensitivity for parents trying to make the best of the lives for their children.


Chronic Kids, Constant Hope: Help and Encouragement for Parents of Children With Chronic Conditions
written by Elizabeth Hoekstra, Mary Bradford


Creative Play Activities for Children With Disabilities: A Resource Book for Teachers and Parents written by Lisa Rappaport Morris, Linda Schulz, Lisa Rappaport, Linda Schultz (Contributor)


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Parenting Children with Special Needs
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