General Pediatric Books



The 3 A.M. Handbook - Compiled by a team of pediatricians, this handbook is a practical Q&A guide that offers parents and child care givers essential information in easy-to-understand language. It features tables, diagrams, sidebars, an extensive index, a valuable emergency section, and helpful lists of support and information groups. 30 photos. 10 line drawings.


coverA Parent's Guide to Medical Emergencies : First Aid for Your Child - At first glance this looks like your standard first-aid guide for parents, but... this is the only book I've found that deals with what happens once the immediate crisis has passed. Written by a doctor, a naturopath, and a registered nurse, A Parent's Guide to Medical Emergencies includes homeopathic and herbal recommendations.


Atlas of Pediatric Physical Diagnosis - An extremely useful book which mentions all relevant facts while holding the readers attention with excellent illustrations of physical signs in children.


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General Pediatric Books
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