Choices in Deafness: A Parents' Guide to Communication Options - This book is invaluable for any parent choosing a communication option for their child. The author takes an unbiased look at the following communication options: Auditory-Verbal, Bilingual-Bicultural, Cued Speech, Oral, and Total Communication. Each option contains an outline of the option, and stories of three or four children who are using this option. The stories are written by the children's parents which helps give us an insight into how they chose the option that was right for their child.


Come Sign With Us: Sign Language Activities for Children offers a clean, direct approach to sign language instruction for non-deaf students. The language described in this presentation is Pidgin Sign English (PSE); this particular version of sign language is quite appropriate as an introductory language for basic communication. The illustrations of the signs are large, providing for easy replication of the sign by the reader. Valuable information is imparted regarding deafness and hearing loss; such information is common knowledge in the deaf community, but such information will provide valuable insight for the (presumably non-deaf) readers into some of the physiological and cultural issues which confront the deaf.


Keys to Raising a to Raising a Deaf Child (Parenting Keys) - Two educators -- one of them a parent of two deaf children -- offer positive advice and encouragement on helping children adapt to deafness. The authors stress that deaf and hearing children are more alike than they are different.


Raising and Educating a Deaf Child - This readable and informed guide addresses the day-to-day practical concerns of the deaf, as well as larger issues of learning and education. Marschark sifts through the most current educational and scientific journals and research--including his own recent research--to create a readable and enlightening survey of what is known about the language, social, and intellectual development of deaf children.


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