Hearing that a child has a disability or a medical need may create many concerns for parents, siblings, relatives and other loved ones. Learning to cope and to successfully address the needs of children diagnosed with medical, developmental, emotional, physical, neurological, behavioral and/or other related conditions requires that families become prepared and equipped with information about programs, services, expert opinions, products and other important resources that will assist them in caring for a child with special needs.

KidNeeds.com is a place where children with special needs, families and others can log onto for comprehensive information. You will find professional opinions on important topics, learn about public health policy and advocacy efforts, link to programs, services and connect with other caring families and friends, and purchase a wide range of products specifically tailored for children with special needs in one simple to shop place.

We can serve as a valuable resource for other children and families through the sharing of information and insights related to everything your special Kid Needs.

KidNeeds.com is affiliated with St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children in New York. For over a century, St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children has been providing skilled and compassionate care dedicated to achieving optimal outcomes for special infants, children, adolescents and families.

Through an integrated network of services that promotes continuous, comprehensive, family-centered care, St. Mary’s coordinates the provision of care with multiple provider partners in diverse settings. St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children is a pioneer and is recognized internationally as an innovator of quality medical, health and community care for children with special needs and their families.

St. Mary’s broad network of services include Inpatient Medical and Intensive Rehabilitative care, Home Care, Medical Day Care, Case Management and Family Support Services, Palliative Care, Traumatic Brain Injury/Coma Recovery Programs and now our worldwide resource and marketplace for children with special needs and their families... KidNeeds.com.




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